Jaguar F-type line-up was supplemented by new versions (part 1)

February 18, 2017 at 22:36

Jaguar F-type sports cars were modified and technically upgraded. The British engineers have changed the exterior and interior design and expanded the model’s line, adding new versions of the coupe and roadster cars, as well as the list of available equipment.

New models in F-Type's line-up photo

New models in F-Type’s line-up photo

Jaguar Company revived cult roadster XKSS

December 18, 2016 at 19:24

As part of the auto show in Los Angeles, British company Jaguar officially presented to the public revived roadster XKSS, more precisely, it was the most accurate replica. Original open car, which many experts call “one of the first supercars in the world,” was produced the British brand 60 years ago.

1957 Iconic Jaguar XKSS pic

1957 Iconic Jaguar XKSS pic

F-Type SVR charged version

December 17, 2014 at 20:20

Jaguar has led to tests the “charged” version of the Roadster F-Type – SVR. Preparation of new items, which will debut in 2016, is engaged in the factory tuning studio Jaguar Land Rover – Special Vehicles Operation. Photos from the first test prototype sports car published the edition Car. Roadster test prototype features from the normal version by a large rear wing, diffuser and modified front end. Also, the machine has 20-inch wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes. A number of elements borrowed from the sports car F-Type Project 7, which has a circulation of 250 copies. Accurate data on power plant no news.

F-Type SVR charged version pics

F-Type SVR charged version picture

How the Sedans and F-Type is Doing at Jaguar

December 2, 2012 at 04:00

Today we are going to talk about the long awaited sedan models from the Jaguar company and also we will touch upon the latest roadster Jaguar F-Type, which is already at the market for our readers to enjoy. And while they are taking their great cars for the test-drives we are providing the fans of Jaguar with new information. As it appeared, we have some good things to tell about the waiting for the sedans.

sedan Jaguar

Image of the sedan of Jaguar Company

New Jaguar F-type Will Be Presented by Lana Del Rey

August 30, 2012 at 05:58

As the Jaguar is without doubt a luxury brand of the cars, the presentation of the cars of this brand are always an event. For this sake a great team of marketers is working night and day, so that to make this essence of uniqueness, that every person seeks in the Jaguar cars. At the same time, many cars are not presented separately, but on the big auto shows. And in fact, it is simply expected from some brands, that they will bring new models of their cars to such shows. Jaguar is one of such brands, which is called on almost every event, except the presentation of off-roaders, of course.

Image of Jaguar car at the Paris Motor Show

Image of Jaguar car at the Paris Motor Show