Why Jaguar XK8 Is Called a Supercar?

January 18, 2013 at 05:31

Equipment of the Jaguar XK8 is rich even for our years, so the driver would be satisfied in all cases. Rear seats as always can accommodate more than two people. This means that three people and luggage can be transported easily in it this is including the driver, so driver, his neighbor and a passenger can fit in relative comfort in the car. But in most cases for the owners of Jaguar this is all they need. Statisticians have long been estimated that on average 1.5 persons rides this car. Trunk is roomy enough with 350l volume. There is a full-size spare tire.

new Jaguar XK8

Image of the new Jaguar XK8

Wheels for 17 is simply buzzing, as rubber is of relatively high profile (245/50 ZR17), and even in the winter to find them it’s not a problem, and the more high-profile stands up and does not touch anything anywhere (235/55 R17). Ground clearance is very good – 14cm at the lowest point, and the average is even more. Though, looking at the car, that you will not say such proportions – a long, sprawling on the ground supercar.

Jaguar XK8 model car

Photo of the Jaguar XK8 model car

Why the Jaguar XK8 is called a supercar? Because it can be controlled perfectly, just the power of thought, but there is another side of the coin. In lines it has a very nervous behavior, does not allow the driver to relax. But when you go on the level of pavement, it is clearly on the arc during turns and clear feedback from steering wheels.

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