The City of Changshu Meets Jaguar

February 14, 2013 at 09:28

It is no longer great news that Jaguar wants to produce cars in China. It is already known to the famous car magazines and to the representatives of the business world, even apart from this, all the fans know that. However, you will not likely meet a fan that knows exactly in which city everything is going to take place. That is why today e are going to tell you everything about the city and about what exactly is going to be produced there.

Ultimate Jaguar in China

Image of the Ultimate Jaguar in China

The british concern Jaguar Land Rover plans to produce cars in China in partnership with Chery, this is clearly known fact, because of the Chinese Government regulations. The new plant is going to be built in Changshu, this is completely new information to the market. The city is situated near the Shanghai, and the plant is going to be built in 2014 and begin production of cars in 2015. Approximate volume of investments is somewhere around $ 1.5 billion, which is relatively the amount to be invested in such a project, but not much more than that, even though some competitors did bigger investments.

Land Rover Jaguar company in China

Picture of the Land Rover Jaguar company in China

In addition to assembly plants here in Changshu they will create engine plant, as well as a dedicated design center. What is the brand to be produced, is not yet reported. It was assumed that this will be the model Freelander and Evoque. According to other sources – actually Jaguar and Land Rover, and Range Rover.

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