US police found the stolen Jaguar after 46 years

December 19, 2014 at 21:32

Stolen in 1968 Jaguar will be returned after 46 years to its American, currently residing in Miami.
In 1968, Ivan Schneider, who is now 82 years old, last seen his British sports convertible Jaguar E-type near his home in New York, where it was hijacked by hackers.
The subsequent fate of a sports car is unknown, but in June of this year, the old Jaguar was discovered quite by accident, he was identified during the inspection party vintage cars that were brought to the Netherlands. The car has returned to the US and will soon be handed over to its rightful owner. 82-year-old Schneider called the return of the car miracle and is going to restore it.

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 pics

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 picture

How Magnificent Is the Interior of Jaguar?

March 24, 2013 at 02:48

In Jaguar cars there is the magnificent interior, best quality leather and natural wood. Drivers also get a touch of the new technology – the electronic instrument panel. It not only changes the image, showing the speedometer, the music with radio, navigation, but also changes the design of scales, depending on the mode selected: in the “winter” algorithm edging devices turquoise, red in sports, and as usual silver, thus making an easy on eyes effect for the driver.

interior of Jaguar Super V8

Photo of the interior of Jaguar Super V8

The City of Changshu Meets Jaguar

February 14, 2013 at 09:28

It is no longer great news that Jaguar wants to produce cars in China. It is already known to the famous car magazines and to the representatives of the business world, even apart from this, all the fans know that. However, you will not likely meet a fan that knows exactly in which city everything is going to take place. That is why today e are going to tell you everything about the city and about what exactly is going to be produced there.

Ultimate Jaguar in China

Image of the Ultimate Jaguar in China

Why Jaguar XK8 Is Called a Supercar?

January 18, 2013 at 05:31

Equipment of the Jaguar XK8 is rich even for our years, so the driver would be satisfied in all cases. Rear seats as always can accommodate more than two people. This means that three people and luggage can be transported easily in it this is including the driver, so driver, his neighbor and a passenger can fit in relative comfort in the car. But in most cases for the owners of Jaguar this is all they need. Statisticians have long been estimated that on average 1.5 persons rides this car. Trunk is roomy enough with 350l volume. There is a full-size spare tire.

new Jaguar XK8

Image of the new Jaguar XK8

Legendary Family and the Jaguar XKR

December 4, 2012 at 03:56

Externally XKR retained some traits of its legendary family, which certainly adds to its image the essence of grace and grandeur. In principle, this similarity is not accidental, the designers were challenged to create a truly convertible car, which will resemble the iconic E-Type. We must say, they coped with the problem well – the car looks very modern, and its whole appearance recalls that XKR is not a hastily created convertible, but a car with a long and rich history.

white Jaguar XKR

Image of the white Jaguar XKR