New Technologies in the Jaguar Auto Concern

July 20, 2012 at 17:24

It is not a secret, that the modern world of technology does not stand on one place, but moves forward every day. This also means, that the other businesses of the globe have to move forward as well, and the car industry is also among them. Particularly Jaguar, a brand for exclusive people, who prefer luxury and style, is now developing and integrating new technologies into its cars. Thus we will present two novelties in this article.

Photo of  Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Jaguar

Photo of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Jaguar

First thing, about which we want to talk is computerized active suspension (CATS). CATS monitors your driving style and the road conditions through a network of sensors. High-speed processor uses this data to continuously regulate the adaptive shock absorbers, allowing you to enjoy the best grip, comfort and control. CATS is available for Jaguar models XK, XJ and S-TYPE.

Photo of computerized active suspension (CATS) Jaguar

Photo of computerized active suspension (CATS) Jaguar

Secondly, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). DSC uses anti-lock braking system and traction control systems to ensure that you can better control your own Jaguar car. It quickly, automatically and continuously adjusts the trajectory of the vehicle when cornering. It also helps you not to lose speed, preventing wheel spin, even when different wheels have different grip, for example, when one wheel is transmitted to the drive moves on the ice, and another – on the asphalt. DSC integrated into XJ, XK and S-TYPE and additionally to the X-TYPE models of Jaguar.

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