Legendary Family and the Jaguar XKR

December 4, 2012 at 03:56

Externally XKR retained some traits of its legendary family, which certainly adds to its image the essence of grace and grandeur. In principle, this similarity is not accidental, the designers were challenged to create a truly convertible car, which will resemble the iconic E-Type. We must say, they coped with the problem well – the car looks very modern, and its whole appearance recalls that XKR is not a hastily created convertible, but a car with a long and rich history.

white Jaguar XKR

Image of the white Jaguar XKR

What can you expect from the car of the class Grand Turismo? First, a good idea to what this Italian phrase means is needed. All technical dictionaries decode two equally cherished letters GT – “cars of luxury class” and no wonder why Jaguar calles its car this way. This model is designed for high-speed driving for long distances and with enhanced comfort and high performance and driving characteristics.

black Jaguar XRK 2008

Picture of the black Jaguar XRK 2008

It turns out, that XKR Jaguar was created for comfortable and quick trips over long distances. Of course, the word “long” means something more than just a road, but rather a trail “Marseille – Monaco” or night around Le Mans. In the end we must say that the car managed to keep high performance and still look like an honored duke.

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