How Magnificent Is the Interior of Jaguar?

March 24, 2013 at 02:48

In Jaguar cars there is the magnificent interior, best quality leather and natural wood. Drivers also get a touch of the new technology – the electronic instrument panel. It not only changes the image, showing the speedometer, the music with radio, navigation, but also changes the design of scales, depending on the mode selected: in the “winter” algorithm edging devices turquoise, red in sports, and as usual silver, thus making an easy on eyes effect for the driver.

interior of Jaguar Super V8

Photo of the interior of Jaguar Super V8

Inside the Jaguar it is a bit more tight than it before was in the cabin. The central tunnel was raised to the elbow level of the driver, laid under the front arch of wood (the feeling that you sit in the boat), and stick out of the side doors wide armrests. The drivers who want a higher ground should better choose the SUV, and all the rest can relax and have fun.

Interior of Jaguar of 2011 edition

Image of the Interior of Jaguar of 2011 edition

The best way to do it is to include a massage function for the front seats, which can be combined with heating or ventilation. Or put a driver behind the wheel and turn on DVD-player – screen split view technology allows the driver and front passenger to simultaneously view on a single screen completely different content. For example, while the driver follows the instructions from the navigation system, the passenger can watch a TV show or movie on DVD.

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