Red Bull Will Not Sponsor a Team of Jaguar

December 10, 2012 at 03:34

As the fans of the car concern may know, the Jaguar company has its own racing team, which participates in different events to show and test the developments of the car, which may later go into the consumer versions. As we know, the racing teams have many different sponsors, which are needed for both, the company and the sponsor himself, and about one of the sponsors of the Jaguar team we are talking today.

racing Red Bull Jaguar car

Image of the racing Red Bull Jaguar car

Red Bull will not sponsor a team of Jaguar. It is not in the rules of the company, which supports direct drivers (similar scheme at the time widely used Marlboro). However, there is talk that the appearance in the British company of Kliena – one of the moves, which may eventually lead to the purchase of the team from Ford, which it now belongs to. It is assumed that for a place to Kliena Red Bull Ford paid about $ 10 million.

race car Jaguar Red Bull racer autograph

Image of the race car Jaguar Red Bull and racer autograph

All in all, the racing team of the company is till a place of the major improvements of the company and the main place of concern, because of the unstable environment in the world of the races lately. However, as the Jaguar company is doing all it can, the situation will stabilize for their group at least.

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