Jaguar XF Named the Car of the Decade

June 22, 2012 at 00:49

For every car manufacturer it is very important, when their car is honored to be called the best car of the certain time period. This may seem small, in the scope of the whole production and operation year, but this is something, which will stay in the facts and in the memory of statistics or other serious sources. In such a way, people will always see this particular car brand as the best of that time period and there could be no other advertising better. Thus it is a great achievement, that Jaguar XF was named as the car of the decade.

Photo of Jaguar FX

Photo of Jaguar FX

This model is not simple, because the manufacturers had a special projection about this car and their thoughts came true in some way. Jaguar XF won the Driver Power Competition in the category “Car of the decade,” this competition was organized by the British magazine Auto Express. For 10 years, Auto Express editors were inviting readers to participate in the Driver Power survey and evaluate the cars they own. During this period, more than 300,000 people have become members, and many vehicles were tested.

As a result, business-class sedan Jaguar XF was voted more as the “Car of the decade.” The title of the best car is supported by the auto concern by the fact, that this model obtained 80 awards and honors at various events.

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