Jaguar will revive XKSS

March 28, 2015 at 22:30

After Jaguar F-Type Project Seven, Range Rover Sport SVR and six recreated models of E-Type, a division Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations (SVO) plotting the resurrection of the following historical models, and there is every chance that it could be Jaguar XKSS.
So said the head of SVO John Edwards, but we must emphasize the word “may” because XKSS is one of four finalists among the long list of 65 ideas for the next project SVO.

Jaguar XKSS image

Jaguar XKSS picture

Edwards said the project SVO should have some sort of story that XKSS not hold. In the 50s Jaguar D-Type won, among other things, three victories at Le Mans, but resigned in late 1955, and when the company decided to use the remaining 25 D-Type chassis to create a “civilian” car – born XKSS. All were released, as you can guess, 25 cars, but the fire at the factory destroyed nine of them.

Jaguar XKSS picture

Jaguar XKSS pics

Jaguar has already sold all six models of E-Type, the price of each of which amounted to more than a million pounds. XKSS, of course, can cost customers more substantial amount. We believe that even if XKSS is selected right now, its production – it is only a matter of time.

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