Jaguar will release its first electric car EV-Type

December 29, 2014 at 23:26

Jaguar has registered the name «EV-Type», it’s probably talking about the imminent appearance of the first electric vehicle in the line of the British manufacturer. EV-Type – exactly this name will be the first one in the history of car brand Jaguar car with electric drive. At this point in the company’s “Jaguar” has not produced any electric or hybrid.

At the time, the British developed a prototype C-X75. This helped Jaguar engineers from one unit Formula 1 team Williams and company Cosworth. Hybrid car was supposed to appear in 2013, but has remained a prototype. In Jaguar gave the reason for refusal named unstable situation in the economy.

In addition, the company operates over electric cars “Land Rover”. Also in 2013, was designed concept SUV Defender, which was under the hood of 95-horsepower electric motor.

Jaguar will release its electric EV-Type pics

Jaguar will release its electric EV-Type picture

And interestingly, it is quite possible that the Range Rover will be “electric.” Such a model could be worthy competition Tesla Model X.

Jaguar will release its electric EV-Type picture

Jaguar will release its electric EV-Type image

While Concern Jaguar Land Rover does not disclose all of their plans, but it is known, that the development of the electric car group automakers ready to invest 25.5 million dollars.

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