Jaguar Will Give Its V6 to Land Rover Evoque

January 22, 2013 at 09:33

It is already known information that the two companies Jaguar and Land Rover have been working together for a long time, thus it is not a surprise that they were constantly sharing the expertise in different questions with each other. In such a way the today article is going to talk about the fact that the engine developed for the Jaguar cars will be given also to the Land Rover Evoque model.

rear view of Jaguar R-D6

Image of the rear view of Jaguar R-D6

Interestingly enough, the Land Rover company is specialized on making the SUV models and the off roadsters, while the Jaguar cars are more of the sporty type, which will not rise above the road like the SUV will. This makes the fact of giving the engine very interesting. But as we look into details, there is not that much of a mystery, the Land Rover Evoque car is going to be a hybrid and the best hybrid motors are currently at the Jaguar company.

Jaguar cars at the presentation

Photo of the Jaguar cars at the presentation

Details of the project were known to many and the first one to publish was the Internet publication Autoblog. It is known that the power unit will have the capacity of three-liters. All in all, the idea is to give to the Land Rover the engine, which will be able to develop great power in the end. Even though the Jaguar itself is now at the stage of development of the V8 engine.

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