Jaguar learned how to move “wipers” with eye glance

June 6, 2015 at 22:02

Technology race is a continuous in the world of car brands. Another round brought a novelty, such as laser lights. The goal of IDEAS is implementation of solutions that improve the visibility by monitoring the driver’s eyes. Recently, Opel started working on a prototype of headlights that change the direction of the light beam, depending on the direction of the driver’s view. A Jaguar has decided to improve its review process and patented another know-how.

Jaguar pics

Jaguar image

The company has patented a special algorithm for automatic control of the rear wiper.

Jaguar eye tracking technology pictutre

Jaguar eye tracking technology pics

It is controlled by a driver’s view. Moreover, the idea is as simple as it is ingenious. If the front wipers are activated automatically using the “rain sensor”, the rear – no need to keep switched on all the time. Jaguar engineers come up to monitor the driver’s eyes, including the usage of the rear wiper only when the driver is looking in the rearview mirror! It would be nice too if they could come up with such a thing, including turn signals without the driver, or better yet at the same time made him look in the side mirror … Let’s wait – we shall see. Maybe this will come up.

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