Jaguar in Indian is Waiting for High Returns

January 2, 2013 at 06:03

The New Year at the Jaguar car manufacturer is noted by the big plans for future, which they are already going to implement. Since the car makers of the Jaguar are interested in getting as big market share as it is possible, the new dealers of this brand will soon be opened world-wide. And one of such dealers is the Indian Jaguar division, and as the market experts admit, it is the place of the highest potential for market growth and penetration for the Jaguar company.

Jaguar India cars

Image of the Jaguar India cars

Indian car market is actively developing. In terms of sales, it has moved up to the second place in the world and today is second only to China. In such a way there is no other reason for the companies to ignore such a great market and Jaguar knows it.

Jaguar cars from the resentation

Photo of the Jaguar cars from the resentation

Therefore, the current exhibition Auto Expo in New Delhi was held on a grand scale. The company brought their cars from around the world, from the local to the premium brands like Jaguar, in general there were 1500 machines presented. “India is home to around 150,000 dollar millionaires and their number is increasing every year by 23%. Now imagine the potential of the luxury car manufacturers. This is why at this auto show rates make for rich and premium models,” – says director Sales and Marketing in India Debashis Mitra.

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