Jaguar Gets Advertised on the Hotel

June 18, 2012 at 00:36

To introduce their new cars, car concerns are inventing new ways in order to grab the attention of the watcher. In such a way, some very brave and outrageous events can happen. As all the marketing specialists know, the place is very important. As you want to advertise in the most popular places, you also want to hit the right people with your ad. Jaguar is not a simple car, and not every person car drive it and afford it. Thus it is also important to create the sense of uniqueness in the advertising, so that the target market would be satisfied.

Photo of the Jaguar Car on the Hotel wall

Photo of the Jaguar Car on the Hotel wall

In such a way, Jaguar got advertised on a place, where you would not expect – Royal Palace – five star New York Hotel, for the most luxury people. At the heart of the big Menage Square in front of the hotel “Royal Palace” a huge screen was installed for less than 10 minutes. For whole two days, 25th and March 26th, all the people of New York and guests of the Big Apple were able to watch a video projection show in 3D of the most luxury car – Jaguar. The building of hotel “Royal Palace” changed the concepts of the car one by one, changing in such a way the style and shape of the brand Jaguar every ten minutes. This was achieved by using 14 powerful projectors Christie Digital, which had been placed at a distance of 168 meters.

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