Jaguar Chery Project – 1 Billion Pounds

January 8, 2013 at 06:22

The authorities of the People’s Republic of China have approved a plan to create a joint venture between Jaguar Land Rover and the Chinese company Chery. We have mentioned it few times on our news webportal, but we want to make sure that the new details will be read by our readers and also those, who have missed this information on our portal can now learn it. Automobile concern Jaguar, owned by Indian firm Tata, and China’s Chery Automobile will work together to produce cars in a very profitable, but at the same time demanding market of China.

British brand Jaguar

Picture of the British brand Jaguar

PRC authorities approved a plan to create a joint venture between Jaguar and the Chinese company Chery, even though some regulations and specific details had to be met before. This is the first production of traditionally British cars abroad. Even though the Jaguar cars are driven all over the world, they were not sold abroad at the official dealers, bu they were shipped to the new place by the buyers.

white Jaguar 2013 car

Picture of the white Jaguar 2013 car

The project cost is estimated at 1 billion pounds (about 1.59 billion U.S. dollars). This is currently the most expensive project of this brand. It is believed that the British carmaker took this step because of the growing importance of the Chinese market: in 2012, the sales of brands Jaguar and Land Rover in China grew by 80% and sales figures have bypassed both in Britain and in North America.

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