Jaguar Became General Partner of the Driving Cup

September 2, 2012 at 12:35

Company Jaguar has supported the Driving Cup of the Europe in which international competitions in vehicle-driving are being held – driving sports-trial or Cartwright equestrian triathlon. The event took place in the equestrian center from 17 to 19 August 2012, located in the village near the big city.

P of the Jaguar new car - white

Photo of the Jaguar new car - white

The program of the event included Dressage, Marathon and parkour – race where you need to demonstrate not only endurance, correct implementation of figured driving on a given scheme and the passage of obstacles, but also a great skill of athletes. At competitions Driving crews can be presented in three types of harnesses with horses and ponies: Singles – the most common type, twin sleigh with two horses, and the quadrangle, where there are four horses harnessed in series pairs.

Image of the blue Jaguar

Image of the blue Jaguar

In between the stages of the competition participants of the event were able to participate in the test drive of the luxury Jaguar cars on a specially prepared track organizers. Company Jaguar Land Rover for many years has actively supported the development of equestrian sport, including in Russia, they became a partner of the world’s major sporting events, combining the love and respect for horses, an interest in history and tradition of equestrian sports.

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