Jaguar Action Plan for the Next Years

December 6, 2012 at 04:40

Since the new year is coming soon, companies start making the plans of their development, and the car companies are not the exception. In such a way, today we want to present the plans of the Jaguar company, which they have already announced. One of the significant decisions of the developers of Jaguar, which is dictated by modern conditions, will be the move to a smaller engine size, which will provide a more efficient use of fuel. The judgment of the British automaker to introduce its range of four-cylinder engine units.

Jaguar XJ new engine

Photo of the Jaguar XJ car with new engine

It is worth noting that Jaguar was not using similar engines from 1948, but now the company is ready to return to its production and installation of the new models. Along with this decision, the company is discussing the possibility of the installation of these engines in the branded shops. Doing this will be the official dealer network. In particular, the two-liter turbo engine with 240 hp will soon be available to buyers or Jaguar XF and they will be offered as an option on some other models.

Jaguar V4 engine

Image fo the black car Jaguar V4 engine

In addition, the company is introducing several types of three-liter engine, which, in various embodiments, and power generation capacity will be installed in the new models Jaguar. In such a way we should be waiting for the efficient cars from the Jaguar in 2013 year.

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