How the Sedans and F-Type is Doing at Jaguar

December 2, 2012 at 04:00

Today we are going to talk about the long awaited sedan models from the Jaguar company and also we will touch upon the latest roadster Jaguar F-Type, which is already at the market for our readers to enjoy. And while they are taking their great cars for the test-drives we are providing the fans of Jaguar with new information. As it appeared, we have some good things to tell about the waiting for the sedans.

sedan Jaguar

Image of the sedan of Jaguar Company

Earlier it was reported that the development of Jaguar sedans will take about four years. The d?but of the sedan from “cats” was expected only in 2015. However, some of the auto magazines admit, that this can happen a year earlier, therefore, only in 2014 there is a possibility to see a new sedan from Jaguar. The new model will also be presented in a body “versatile.” In the future, it is possible to predict the emergence of crossover on the same platform, as the company never rejected such an idea.

Jaguar roadster

Photo of Jaguar roadster on the road

Jaguar was the premiere of the latest Roadster F-Type already behind it, the company made its debut at the Paris Motor Show. New product is available with the three petrol engines, the most powerful of which is developing around 495 horsepower. It is a model that can get up to speed in a hundred kilometers per hour in 4.3 seconds as it is stated in the car magazines.

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