Film About the Jaguar Company – the “Desire”

January 20, 2013 at 08:46

Not many people know that at November 28, the eve of the auto show in Los Angeles, the company Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a new luxury sports car Jaguar F-Type. The preshow was held in studios Paramount, and it was attended by more than 350 distinguished guests. The car appeared on the legendary effectively, specially built for the filming road, on the background of the projected image of the infinite landscape that has been used in many Hollywood films.

Damien Lewis and white Jaguar f-type

Photo of Damien Lewis and white Jaguar f-type

The evening the company also announced the release of a short film about the brand Jaguar called «Desire», of the of production Ridley Scott Associates, as well as its star cast. Major role in the short film will play the owner of a large number of film awards, the famous British actor Damian Lewis, who became an honored guest of the presentation.

white Jaguar new model car

Picture of the white Jaguar new model car

“When I was offered the role in the film Desire – says the actor – I was really intrigued. After I read the script and thought it was definitely a project in which I would like to participate. Work under the supervision of the director of the Adam Smith Ridley Scott Associates to become a real adventure. Jaguar cars have for years been a place of worship in the movie, and it gives me great pleasure to become the first actor, who will be driving a luxury F-TYPE ».

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