British Jaguar Company has Tested Its Sedans on the Pole of Cold

February 24, 2013 at 09:26

British carmaker Jaguar has announced that the XF and XJ sedans perfectly tolerate harsh winters. Not only it announced such a bold statement, it actually went and proved it! More details on where and in what conditions tested were used to test the endurance of the car, talked with Sergey Aslanian during the program “crew” on Finam FM.

Jaguar XF on the ride

Photo of the Jaguar XF on the ride

“The British have made a unique geographical discovery, thanks to the Jaguar car. They set off on this possible for break downs and not adapted to the extreme cold car and ride on a cold pole. There machine started up, and even had a little train. That is a feat made and actually a heroic deed by the XF model. What do you think, where the British have found a cold pole? They did not go to any of the known geographic poles. Both the British and the fans made a proud discovery that cold pole can be a Canadian city Dawson.

Jaguar XF car in the city

Picture of the Jaguar XF car in the city

This event is also described in a press release: “On December 19 thermometers in the Canadian city of Dawson recorded a record low temperature of -49 degrees Celsius, officially confirming the city’s status as the coolest on the planet.” Thus the British company went straight there to test their cars and they proved that XF can stand such a cold weather.

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