Why Jaguar XE is Better Than Porsche 911

June 16, 2012 at 00:26

The topic of which car is better is very debatable one. Since every person is going to stick to his own opinion, it does not matter which facts you will try to bring to support your own opinion. But from the other side it not so bad, since we still get to know a lot of interesting an valuable staff from comparison, so we continue to compare the Jaguar XE and Porsche 911.

Photo of Jaguar XE red

What is substantially different from Porsche, is that Jaguar XE has the classic proportions – elongated hood, short rear overhang. This sports car will be powered by a V6 engine of at least two configurations: atmospheric and turbocharged. This is definitely not offered by the Porsche 911. Characteristics are likely to correspond to the level of the Cayman and 911, in example from 285 to 350 hp. Perhaps the presence of the “charged” version of R with an engine V8 – here we are talking about a minimum of 400 hp. According to the British publication Autocar, the development of an aluminum chassis for Jaguar XE will be attended by engineers at Lotus. Lotus is greatly known for producing cars specially for races and competitions. Body structure and exterior details will be mainly made from steel, unlike aluminum in Porsche.

Photo of Jaguar XJ

Photo of Jaguar XJ

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