US police found the stolen Jaguar after 46 years

December 19, 2014 at 21:32

Stolen in 1968 Jaguar will be returned after 46 years to its American, currently residing in Miami.
In 1968, Ivan Schneider, who is now 82 years old, last seen his British sports convertible Jaguar E-type near his home in New York, where it was hijacked by hackers.
The subsequent fate of a sports car is unknown, but in June of this year, the old Jaguar was discovered quite by accident, he was identified during the inspection party vintage cars that were brought to the Netherlands. The car has returned to the US and will soon be handed over to its rightful owner. 82-year-old Schneider called the return of the car miracle and is going to restore it.

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 pics

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 picture

Meanwhile, the American police reopened the investigation into the theft of E-type. We already know that it was sent to the Netherlands and it was held for many years by a collector in Modesto, California. Now law enforcement officers are trying to find out which way it has occurred in his garage. By the way, the cost of such a Jaguar, which was released in 1967, now is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 pics

convertible Jaguar E-type 1968 image

The machine combines the original appearance, high speed, good driving properties and was relatively inexpensive. He is considered one of the most beautiful and stylish cars in the world.

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