Test drive of the new diesel Jaguar XE

February 22, 2015 at 18:19

We know about the glamorous gasoline XE3.0 S. However, all models, which will be released in the UK, will be diesel. Why so?
Firstly, because it will allow the model to compete with the BMW 320d and Mercedes C220 as for CO2, and on taxes. XE with its 163 horsepower and manual transmission emits just 99g air / km CO2 when accelerating from 0 to 62 m / h in 8.4 with decent. In the version with 180 hp and eight-speed automatic gearbox these figures are 109 g / km and 7.8, respectively. Both versions comply with Euro 6.
Ten years ago, diesel Jaguar X-Type came with an engine capacity of 130 hp and accelerated to 62 m / h in ten seconds. Thus, such a machine emits 149 g / km CO2. So yes, indeed, technology is not standing still.
As for the four-cylinder diesel engine, is pretty good. I noticed some extraneous sounds when you turn the ignition switch to frost, but they soon pass.

Jaguar XE picture

Jaguar XE pics

Thanks to the power of this machine, very often I go faster than it is allowed.
Does the diesel engine plant at least some influence on ride and handling?
The test car came with the prefix R-Sport, which means that the sport suspension and passive dampers. Management is not as pleasant as in the V6, because with less power and more long-term response to the driver’s commands, you will be a bit harder to balance.

Jaguar XE image

Jaguar XE pics

This model looks very powerful. In each machine there is a great latest satellite navigation system. The base model 163 SE costs about £ 30k and comes with fabric seats, but it is absolutely not a problem.
Model second-level Prestige (leather) comes with a 180 hp engine and a manual gearbox. Its starting price will be £ 31,275.

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