Simply Exclusive – Jaguar XKR

February 18, 2013 at 09:20

In the first half of the last year, the Eastern Europe had sold 390 cars Jaguar. For comparison, during the same period, Mercedes-Benz sold 7,675 cars, and BMW – 9718 units. Of course, the Germans can not be compared in terms of total sales with the British in the first place, because of the completely unmappable number of machines in the model number. But the numbers speak for themselves. As for the XK and XKR, then for the first six months of 2010 to a total of 23 pieces were bought. However, do not forget about the fact that Jaguar is a luxury brand, thus if you are looking for being exclusive – Jaguar is the car to have.

exclusive Jaguar XKR

Image of the exclusive Jaguar XKR

Thanks to the most active sales, XKR is rarely seen in the city, especially the convertible. For example, I saw a car dealership parking only Jaguar, when he came to give the car. Regular XK, ie in coupe and the engine without a supercharger, but they look like on the road extremely original, it’s not a BMW 6 Series or Mercedes CL, the concentration of which in the Central District of big cities, perhaps is more than some members of the domestic auto industry.

rear view of Jaguar XKR

Picture of the rear view of Jaguar XKR

And, of course, that’s why on XKR Convertible without exception, people are paying attention. And many more fans are tempted to compliment the car or ask any question to the driver. Thus with this car you will be in the center of attention.

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