More Than 2,000 Orders for the Jaguar F-Type Already

December 16, 2012 at 05:54

As the fans may recall our news about the greatest Jaguar F-type car, which is promised to be the best charged version car of the next year from Jaguar, the presentation of the model will happen only in the next year, even though it is only few weeks from now. However, the official start of the registration for the ordering of the Jaguar F-Type cars was already oped quite long ago. And therefore, we want to say that Jaguar company reported that currently they received more than 2,000 applications for the new F-Type, which goes on sale next year. This is almost a third of the planned sales targets of the British brand, as it is expected to be realized in 2013 from 6 to 7 thousand of cars of this model.

Jaguar F-Type S car

Photo of the Jaguar F-Type S car

The most interest was showed by the European buyers, but, according to the experts, the main market for sales of the new Jaguar F-Type still will be the U.S., where the base version of the car will cost 69,000 dollars. For example, in the UK the cost of new items will be 58,500 pounds.

black Jaguar F-Type

Image of the black Jaguar F-Type

Recall that the base model comes with a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 that produces 340 hp (250 kW). If this is not enough, there is a version of the Jaguar F-Type S, which offers the same engine, but with a greater capacity of 380 hp (279 kW) for additional price. Flagship F-Type V8 S receives not only the high price tag, but a V8 engine with 495 hp (364 kW) and 461 lb-ft (625 Nm) of torque. All three engines are coupled to an eight-speed transmission Quickshift.

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