Lotus Engineers Will Participate in the Development of Jaguar XE

March 4, 2013 at 09:21

Many times the car companies of different brands and target markets ally in order to create something great for their customers. And many times their works do end in a great shape and demand. Therefore, in order to match up two expertise, the Jaguar and Lotus companies have made and agreement on the teamwork.

Jaguar XE model 2013

Image of the Jaguar XE model 2013

As it is known, currently a manufacturer of luxury supercar Jaguar, owned by Indian auto giant Tata Motors, is developing a new car which is called the XE model, which should be on sale in late 2012 or in the new eve of the 2013. According to preliminary data, the model will be a roadster that can compete with the Mercedes-Benz SLK and BMW Z4 in the first place. Today it was reported that the construction of the Jaguar XE will bring together engineers from the Jaguar and the known British company Lotus.

Jaguar XE at the tests

Photo of Jaguar XE at the tests

Recall that the masters and professionals of the Lotus team have helped to develop a model of Jaguar XKR, and, in addition, they have created a platform for the limited edition coupe XKR-S. Jaguar XE model’s world premiere was scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, but of the new model next generation XE the date is still unknown.

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