Jaguar XKR – Test-drive for the Sun

December 20, 2012 at 05:54

This exclusive car costs a lot, the number of 155 thousands of euros may frighten anyone, but the company clearly states that the car is totally worth it. By the way, the same amount will cost a 5-liter Mercedes-Benz CL V8, which, however, can not be compared with the “charged” Jaguar on power (in German under the hood of the base there are only 388 “horses”).

Jaguar XKR cabrio

Picture of the Jaguar XKR cabrio

But 155 thousands – is just what concerns the most practical version of the supercharged XKR and without a roof, cabrio so to say. For example, the same XKR coupe is already 143 thousands, and the most affordable (if I may say so) XK, in coupe with a complete set of Luxury, the dealers give an average of 120 thousands euros, well, just a breeze for money!

Jaguar XKR 100

Photo of the Jaguar XKR 100

We agree that the sports coupe is not a practical car: the interior is spoiled, and the skin gets old faster than on its own, and on the seats as well. But even exclusive Berluti shoes you do not wear every day, but only at the very moment when you need to give chic. Yes, this machine is not ideal for commuting to work and do not forget that we live in a country in which the months of winter weather rule. But when the first warm sun peeps – so go in the garage where an XKR is standing, which can lower the roof, turn on your favorite music. You have just to push the gas and go towards the horizon, squinting in the bright light.

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