Jaguar XK Will not Be Withdrawn, but Renewed

January 16, 2013 at 06:37

Many of the drivers and fans of the Jaguar company have expressed their concern in terms of mails and comments on the rumor that the company will withdraw from the production of the XK model. However, we want to officially clarify the situation and say that you have nothing to be worried about, because the company has rushed to put back the hopes of the public, by saying that the imminent development of the new generation of XK is coming and will strike them all.

red Jaguar XK 2013

Image of the red Jaguar XK 2013

According Jaguar design chief-dircetor Ian Kollum, the company planted F-Type and XK in different categories, which they themselves called the weight classes. XK sports car of the next generation will be bigger in the general size and become more luxurious than before, allowing the model to move from the old segment models into the new GT class. As with the current version of XK, the car will be the next generation in body modification “coupe” and “roadster”. Premiere of new items will be held in 2014.

blue Jaguar XK 2012

Photo of the blue Jaguar XK 2012

Jaguar chief designer Ian Kollum also noted that at present the company is closely monitoring the rapidly developing market of the models “SUV”, but is it worth waiting for the appearance of such a car from a dealer brand in the coming years, he did not elaborate. According to rumors, the first in its history Jaguar crossover release will be in 2015. The market for “SUV”, the construction of which will be widely used aluminum, have the competitors of Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

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