Jaguar XJ Long – Where The Owner Should Seat

February 4, 2013 at 08:22

Jaguar XJ Long is a powerful, beautiful and a very expensive means of transportation. And yet this is a great way to show fellow millionaires, that the money you is not less, and the desire to express yourself more on any road you will take. But the question remains unanswered, “where Jaguar XJ owner should sit: at the wheel or the back?” For the driver, there is a line of the brand and charged XKR XF, and overpay for a long British sedan (which no longer looks like the British) to sit in front of is at least strange.

Jaguar XJ Long 2013

Photo of the Jaguar XJ Long 2013

But at the same time, if you will sit as the owner on the back, where the fun from the ride would go? In the long-wheelbase of Jaguar XJ there is already a panoramic glass roof, bi-xenon headlights with LEDs, the virtual-crystal instrument panel, navigation system with hard drive, 8-inch touch screen, suspension (rear – pneumatic) with variable damping, 4-zoned climate control and other delights that are in your car, that other people can not even put for an extra charge.

Jaguar XJ Super car 2008

Picture of the Jaguar XJ Super car 2008

Test version of Portfolio was also in position to provide a 1.2-kilowatt-class audio system High-End, 20-inch wheels, adaptive headlights, seats with heating function, cooling and massage, digital TV tuner, the monitoring blind spots. All of that for a quite expensive price of Jaguar XJ Long, about which we will tell later.

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