Jaguar XE is the most beautiful car

March 1, 2015 at 17:10

Within the framework of the 30th International Motor Show in Paris Prize “Most Beautiful Car 2014″. The winner of this award was a new model Jaguar XE. At the award ceremony for the prize went Director of Design Ian Callum Jaguar. It is known that the competition was held by voting, in which took part 100 000 motorists from all over the world.

Jaguar XE pics

Jaguar XE image

New Jaguar XE ahead of all with a margin of 28% of the vote. It should be noted this is not the first premium model Jaguar XE at the Paris auto show. In October last year, this car won the “Best production car.” Also note that the Jaguar XE is one of the most popular cars of the British manufacturer. Superstructure material Jaguar XE consists of more than 75 percent of aluminum, which is higher than any other car in its class.

Jaguar XE picture

Jaguar XE pics

The car was the first car in the world, which is used in the construction of a new aluminum RC5754, consists entirely of recyclable products. Due to this the weight of the body is extremely easy. The material is lightweight, yet incredibly durable with very high torsional rigidity. We made sure that the body structure with a high content of aluminum in compliance with all safety standards without compromising design or quality of the car.

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