Jaguar Sedans Are More Than Ready for the Next Winter

March 10, 2013 at 11:57

We have reported not so long ago about the project of the Jaguar company to test their most famous currently sedans Jaguar XJ and Jaguar XF in the most unpredictable conditions. And the company has chosen cold – since many of the models are the cabrio versions, their classy owner would not rather take their cars to such an extreme, but the company wants to shown that they produce cars, which can handle the desires of the owner, even if their desire is to take their car to the extreme cold and snowy ride.

silver sedan Jaguar XF

Image of the silver sedan Jaguar XF

It is remarkable that the British are unaware of the existence of such a geographical phenomenon as the extreme cold, thus the company Jaguar opened their minds once again. They have a brand director of Jaguar in the world. It’s Adrian Hallmark, which in the press release said, “The car proved to be even more ready for the extreme conditions than those commonly encountered by car owners in North America and Russia. Deep snow, icy gravel, rutted frozen mud were constant companions in the expedition of the vehicles. But today, we are ready to say that our Jaguar sedans perfectly tolerate such harsh winters.” – said Adrian Hallmark.

Jaguar XF sedan

Photo of the Jaguar XF sedan

Thus we are proud to say that the project of the British car maker was proven to be a full success and thus the owners can be boasting to their friends, that they can drive to the north pole with their XF and XJ models, if they want to have some fun time skiing next winter.

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