Jaguar Goes Back to Manual Transmission

February 10, 2013 at 09:45

The luxury cars are most often ridden for the sake of the experience of the ride and just for the purpose of the getting to a destination point. And being a luxury car manufacturer, Jaguar noted that they have to go back to the mechanics again, as it is the only technical detail, which gives the driver sense that he is in charge. Moreover, the marketers have found out, that the automatic gear on Jaguars make the drivers think that they have spent their money for nothing, as if they were taking a cab to drive them somewhere.

red Jaguar with Manual Transmission

Image of the red Jaguar with Manual Transmission

Manual gear, if we look at one side of the problem, does lose part of the people using it every year. Especially if we look at the Americans, who are considered the population which uses manual gear the least often. But Jaguar car is produced not only for the American market, as we know. However, if we forget this point, there are car manufacturers which place the enthusiasts of the ride above anything else, as they are more important that the trends of the car market. In such a way, not so long ago Jaguar representative reported that, in the range of the cars on which they are working on, in the near developments there will be a options with manual transmission.

inner sallon of Jaguar with manual gear

Picture of the inner sallon of Jaguar with manual gear

The car Roadster Jaguar F-Type is among the first ones on which the manual gear will be installed. After that, according to the English company manual gear is going to appear in the range of Jaguar that could be XF and XJ flagship sedans.

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