Jaguar E-Pace crossover has got a compact design (part 2)

July 30, 2017 at 13:16

Jaguar E-Pace crossover has an original architecture with a clearly marked driver area that is similar to E-Type’s. For a driver, there is provided a projection on the windshield, a digital instrument panel, surround view camera and a multimedia complex with navigation and an integrated 4G Wi-Fi router. Between the front seats there is located a box-armrest with 8.42-liter capacity. The saloon also has five USB-connectors and four 12-volt sockets. The rear seats can be folded that increases the trunk space up to 1234 liters.

The driver's area inside of E-Pace crossover image

The driver’s area inside of E-Pace crossover image

The standard modifications are equipped with a diesel engine delivering 150 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque. The next version is offered with the same unit forced to 180-hp and 430 Nm, and a 240-hp diesel engine. The 4.0 petrol engines deliver 249 or 300 hp and 365 or 400 Nm, respectively. D150, D180 and P250 versions are supplied with a simplified transmission with a Haldex coupling on the rear axle. D240 and P300 variants received a system with electrically controlled clutches for rear wheels and an additional clutch, which disconnects the axle and cardan.

The saloon design of a techically provided car pic

The saloon design of a techically provided car pic

The E-Pace package includes some electronic assistants such as an automatic braking, blind areas monitoring and parking assistant. In addition, E-Pace SUV became the first car in the class offered by a pedestrian air bag that emerges from under the active hood and closes the bottom edge of the wind screen.

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