Jaguar Denied the Green Supercar

February 28, 2013 at 09:47

Many car owners were greatly interested in the possibility of owning an ecologically clean Jaguar car. This would have been a place of the meeting of contrasts – where the fastest car meets to be socially responsible one with the good not only for the driver and fans, but also for the people around it. Unfortunately, as we have learned lately, Jaguar refused to launch mass production of hybrid supercar. The model that is called C-X75 was in fact a victim of the financial aspect. The company estimated that the payback for each year must be met with the at least 200 hybrids sold, with the cost of each instance to be at the 1 million euros.

hybrid model from Jaguar

Photo of the hybrid model from Jaguar

One should not be an expert to understand that the price is simply overly high, especially if we would go into the comparison across the market. The brand mark-up would not save the situation, it is not an excuse, because if the driver seeks the social responsibility in the car in the face of a hybrid motor, they would even change the brand if they would find a reason. Jaguar wanted to believe in such demand, but the world situation does not, and a chance at such a favorable prognosis.

Jaguar Hybrid car

Image of the Jaguar Hybrid car

Rational view of British denied the car with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine with twin turbo and gas microturbines. Recoil installation of 500 HP. First C-X75 as a concept debuted in the fall 2010 in Paris, and later in the Geneva Motor Show.

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