Compact from Jaguar – to Be or not to Be!

March 12, 2013 at 14:56

A compact version of the car has never been the prerogative of the Jaguar company. However, the times are changing, people demand from the companies the ability to be different and be able to adapt to their demands. Thus we will talk today about the announcement made recently by the Jaguar company that they are going to introduce to the whole world a compact car from this most luxury sportive British brand.

white Jaguar luxury car

Image of the white Jaguar luxury car

Much of the information we got not from the official representatives of the company, but from other news publications, therefore we are not sure yet if we can believe them 100%. Publication Automotive News, citing the head of Jaguar Adrian Hallmark reports that the British brand has already started working on a new compact car, which can become an ideological successor of the model X-Type.

concept compact Jaguar

Photo of the concept compact Jaguar

“I do not have yet the answer, whether it is going to be a car with a sedan or any other body type. Maybe we do not create a model at all in the end, and maybe we will be doing more than just one model. But I can definitely assure you that the creation of a compact car from Jaguar is currently our first priority “- said Hallmark. We hope that this in the end will happen, because this would open a totally new niche market of the car industry.

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