James Bond’s New Car Will Be a Jaguar

December 28, 2012 at 06:32

The legendary superhero needs a super car, which without doubt should be a Jaguar, since only this car concern is good for making supercars for the celebrities. In such a way the luxury company is going through all the negotiations, which will lead them to be the future car of the super agent in the series to come. The new James Bond film’s main character is going to drive Jaguar XF.

Jaguar James Bond car

Image of Jaguar James Bond car

According to the site Mi6.co.uk, the concern Ford, which owns the brand Jaguar, has a contract with the creators of films to supply 007 with its vehicles. Is the contract signed for one film or for several, this we do not know, though the opinion of the fans is quite clear from the beginning. Traditional car of James Bond is Aston Martin. It is a car of this brand ridden by hero Daniel Craig in the film “Casino Royale”, which premiered last fall. But the leadership of Ford decided to sell Aston Martin, keeping Jaguar. Therefore new Jaguar will be the super car.

Jaguar car from the James Bond Film

Picture of Jaguar car from the James Bond Film

After the film, the company plans to create series of the featured cars, but they want to start first with the order system and the limited edition to assess the demand for the car and not appear in the overproduction position. Then they will begin selling a new sedan Jaguar XF, which will replace the Model S-Type. It is expected that the car will be similar to the concept of C-XF, presented a few days ago at the Auto Show in Detroit.

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