Jaguar Sales Fell for the First Time

March 16, 2013 at 09:43

Sales of Jaguar Land Rover fell in September for the first time in 14 months on the weakening global economic growth, the drop in numbers was estimated to be 4.3%, as it was announced on Monday at the Indian carmaker Tata Motors, which is the mother company of the Jaguar company. We were not expecting such news, and many of the Jaguar fans are quite disappointed with that, however, as we look at the company, they are not upset, because they are still in a great plus in profit, but they had to admit, that it fell.

special cars of Jaguar brand

Photo of the special cars of Jaguar brand

As reported by Bloomberg, just last month, in the world there were realized 26.46 thousand cars Jaguar and Land Rover as compared to 27.64 thousand for the same period of 2011. September sales were worse than expected by the market an average of 30 thousand cars, which is quite huge, but in the car market the shifts from high sales do change with some down turns and Jaguar was quite good in not having those for a long time.

concept car from Jaguar

Photo of the concept car from Jaguar

The drop in sales of cars from Jaguar brand in September was the sharpest since December 2009, when Tata Motors has started to publish monthly figures. All in all, we all are quite positive and do believe that Jaguar will soon get back to the top in the market and in terms of their sales.

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