Gifts for Check-in at Car-centers of Jaguar

January 28, 2013 at 06:28

New Year is long gone, but we still continue on finding presents from the Jaguar company. As we know we have left our readers with the anticipation for the new details about the special offer on the new Jaguar cars, we want to make them even more excited about the special gifts they can get from the check-in to the centers of Jaguar.

Jaguar car saloon

Image of the Jaguar car saloon

Auto-centers by the name “Independence” of the Jaguar appeared on the map of Foursquare. This means that now the addresses of the dealership centers you can check-in, make friends with the same interests, post reviews and opinions on auto centers and the cars that you have purchased. The first people recorded in the “Independence” will be presented with the interesting gifts.

Miami Jaguar Car dealer

Image of the Miami Jaguar Car dealer

Foursquare is a navigation service for the social networks Facebook and Instagram, so photos taken in Auto-centre “Independence”, you can assign to the official point salons Jaguar and Land Rover. What kind of presents will be given was not revealed by the dealer. As it is clear that all new and up-to-date drivers do have an account on the social network, this strategy will bring fruits quite soon. All in all, the way this will work is by broadening the customer base of the Jaguar company.

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