Number of Convertible Jaguar XKR-S to Be Sold

December 18, 2012 at 05:42

When the Jaguar company introduced a fabulous convertible car, that simply amazed everyone with the look it had, people already knew that the market will burst with the desire to buy it. Even though it is only the winter time, not the best time for the cabrios, people in California and other southern parts of the world are eager to ride the car even now. That is why today we will present our readers with the information on the number of cars of this Jaguar XKR convertible.

Jaguar Convertible XKR

Photo of the Jaguar Convertible XKR

According to our preliminary data gained from the official resources, in the U.S., there will be sold only 25 copies of the Convertible Jaguar XKR-S, before the official premier on the European market will be introduced. The cost of each car in the US will be around 138 thousand dollars. Prices for the European version of the machine has not been announced by the company yet.

side view of Jaguar XKR-S cabrio

Image of the side view of Jaguar XKR-S cabrio

XKR-S Coupe was introduced in March this year at the Motor Show in Geneva, but at the moment all 2012 model year vehicles have been sold by arrangement and they will continue this practice at Jaguar manufacturers site, as the car magazines report. The company does not want to fall in the trap with the false demand created at the moment on the market, all in all, under the order the cars are selling really good.

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