Jaguar XKX Takes Power From the Wind

December 14, 2012 at 04:54

As it is almost the end of the year for one of the greatest car manufacturers in the market, we are going to talk today about something special, as we always should in the eve of the big celebrations, and what can be special for the car makers – without any doubt the concepts. That is why in this article we will move through some materials about the Jaguar XKX concept car.

Jaguar XKX Concept

Picture of the Jaguar XKX Concept on the wild

Body of the concept electric vehicle is covered with the projecto-electric elements, which apparently is the innovation of the Jaguar concern, as none of our car experts, which we have asked know what this means. So these elements are responsible for the protection at a meeting with the wind, which produce the electrics, which then accumulates in the battery of the sports car. Finally the market came with the car that brings minimal damage to the environment, and do not pollute the nature.

rear view of Jaguar XKX Concept

Image of the rear view of Jaguar XKX Concept

Jaguar XKX Concept received several non-standard designs, and it was this company, which built a very fine side mirrors, which are managed and fold when needed. It is worth noting that the development of a completely new design is just a concept and is likely it will not be the official version, and will not take part in the exhibitions. This development is just a demonstration of the ideas, some of which may be taken by the manufacturer in the future.

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