Jaguar C-X16: Super Car With a “Turbo Button”

January 6, 2013 at 15:09

Every body knows what a turbo button is. Mainly people know it from the movies or comics books. However, even though some of the current drivers have never seen such a thing, they still know theoretically what it is all about. Un such a way, today we will talk about the Jaguar C-X16, which is called as the Jaguar car with the turbo button. The Company Jaguar brought to Frankfurt-city the sports car C-X16, which engineers have collected with the best technology of the industry.

Jaguar C-X16 with the turbo button

Photo of the silver Jaguar C-X16 with the turbo button

The base energy unit of the car is a high volume engine of 3.0 liter V6. At the same time the car represents a retrofit supercharger. Its power and torque is enough to say it is among the most powerful cars at the market and no wonder it is among 380 hp and 430 Nm. Nevertheless, there might be a person, who would say that he needs more and specially for him there is a turbo option.

Jaguar C-X16 supercar

Image of the Jaguar C-X16 supercar

On the steering wheel there is a button that activates a hybrid drive – a similar scheme is used in Formula 1 race car. In the case of Jaguar, the “turbo button” gives extra 95 hp and 235 Nm.
Transmission the car has is from company ZF (8 speeds), a body is made of aluminum, eco-system start-stop, user-friendly touch-screen in the cabin, plus a great body design.

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