Current Standing of Jaguar China Division

January 12, 2013 at 06:57

As we have noted many times before that Jaguar is opening a new division in China to sell and produce specially for this market. Now we want to give a short overview of the current company standing, so that our readers would know what are the successes so far for this great and promising project.

blue new Jaguar model 2013

Image of the blue new Jaguar model 2013

According to Chinese head office of the Jaguar Land Rover Bob Grace, the market premium cars in China will continue to grow and that is no wonder with the growing wealth of the certain category of population in the region. The following year, sales of expensive cars can be twice as many as for the last years all together, analysts predicted 6-10% growth at least. Interesting enough is that luxury cars became very popular, though we have known that China is rather conservative in the expression of the wealth.

silver 2013 model Jaguar

Picture of the silver 2013 model Jaguar

Grace also said that the company is expanding its presence in the south of the country, which currently sells 14% of all sold in China Jaguar and Land Rover cars. Manufacturer has entered into agreements with 30 dealers in the region, half of which have brands selling their products, and the other half will start selling British cars in the next six months.

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