Jaguar has launched a new historic race

March 11, 2015 at 19:34

The company is located in the Jaguari Silverstone sport club retromobiles Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) organized a new series of races on the “Jaguar”, issued until 1966 – Jaguar Heritage Challenge.
Competitions are divided into five classes. The first will be performing a series of sports cars XK, the second – sedans, and the third will bring together C-Type, D-Typei XKSS, and the fourth and fifth are reserved for E-Type. Such a variety of classic models can be called the Jaguar Heritage Challenge is the biggest historical race “Jaguar”.

Jaguar Heritage Challenge picture

Jaguar Heritage Challenge image

Jaguar in a unique project Bloodhound

December 21, 2014 at 14:02

The British company Jaguar has announced a partnership with the team about the World Land Speed Record, which is planning to set a speed record on land.
In the desert Hackesche Pen in South Africa, Jaguar conducted tests of the new all-wheel drive coupe F-Type R, which debuted in late November at the auto show in Los Angeles. Maximum speed F-Type R AWD will be 300 km / h, while it is electronically limited. Due to the unique design of ultra-light aluminum body and a super hard power to weight ratio in F-Type R is slightly more than 3 pounds per horsepower. The test marked the beginning of an important partnership between Jaguar and project Bloodhound, the purpose of which is to establish a world record speed of more than 1,000 miles / hour (1,609 km / h).

Jaguar F-Type R image

Jaguar F-Type R pics

Jaguar XE will get a full drive system and powerful motor

December 13, 2014 at 23:33

Jaguar, company officials confirmed the information about the development of all-wheel drive sedan modification Jaguar XE. Later, software project manager XE, Nick Miller, was informed about the plans for the development of the brand version of the V-shaped eight-turbocharged engine with a displacement of 5.0 liters. From the words of Miller, the emergence of all-wheel drive powertrain from Jaguar XE will happen in the course of the expansion of the lineup. In addition, the manager confirmed that the all-wheel drive can be fitted and “charged” version of the car, but the final decision on the matter is still pending.

Jaguar XE  pics

Jaguar XE picture

Jaguar XF Was Named as the Best Car of the Year

October 30, 2012 at 01:52

End of the year is always a time for the researches or different contests. And being a celebrity car, Jaguar can not simply miss the events of such an importance, because it is simple an opportunity to market the car even more and better than in the last year. In addition, if the Jaguar brand wins some new places and names, the fans cloud of the brand will become only bigger, which is a very good thing.

Photo of white Jaguar XF

Photo of white Jaguar XF

New Jaguar F-type Will Be Presented by Lana Del Rey

August 30, 2012 at 05:58

As the Jaguar is without doubt a luxury brand of the cars, the presentation of the cars of this brand are always an event. For this sake a great team of marketers is working night and day, so that to make this essence of uniqueness, that every person seeks in the Jaguar cars. At the same time, many cars are not presented separately, but on the big auto shows. And in fact, it is simply expected from some brands, that they will bring new models of their cars to such shows. Jaguar is one of such brands, which is called on almost every event, except the presentation of off-roaders, of course.

Image of Jaguar car at the Paris Motor Show

Image of Jaguar car at the Paris Motor Show