Parts of C-X75 Will Be Used in Other Models of Jaguar

March 20, 2013 at 11:04

As we have learned lately, the company has decided not to go further into the production of one of the models of the Jaguar, even though many of the fans were quite disappointed with such news, all in all it will be better for the company, because they will not stop on what they already have, but will find the ways to put them and make them work for the company. In such a way, Jaguar company is not going to just throw all the achievements, used to create a hybrid supercar C-X75, because many of the technologies will be used in production of other models of the company.

rear view of Jaguar C-X75

Image of the rear view of Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar Sales Fell for the First Time

March 16, 2013 at 09:43

Sales of Jaguar Land Rover fell in September for the first time in 14 months on the weakening global economic growth, the drop in numbers was estimated to be 4.3%, as it was announced on Monday at the Indian carmaker Tata Motors, which is the mother company of the Jaguar company. We were not expecting such news, and many of the Jaguar fans are quite disappointed with that, however, as we look at the company, they are not upset, because they are still in a great plus in profit, but they had to admit, that it fell.

special cars of Jaguar brand

Photo of the special cars of Jaguar brand

Company Jaguar Won the Whole “Auto Motor und Sport” Event

March 14, 2013 at 09:22

We as the fans of Jaguar has never doubted its abilities of taking great places in various competitions, thus we always expect high achievements from the car maker Jaguar. However, we have such great news, that everyone will be astonished with how great Jaguar can perform. Thus, be prepared to fall even more in love with the Jaguar company.

great Jaguar sedan S

Image of the great Jaguar sedan S

Compact from Jaguar – to Be or not to Be!

March 12, 2013 at 14:56

A compact version of the car has never been the prerogative of the Jaguar company. However, the times are changing, people demand from the companies the ability to be different and be able to adapt to their demands. Thus we will talk today about the announcement made recently by the Jaguar company that they are going to introduce to the whole world a compact car from this most luxury sportive British brand.

white Jaguar luxury car

Image of the white Jaguar luxury car

Jaguar Sedans Are More Than Ready for the Next Winter

March 10, 2013 at 11:57

We have reported not so long ago about the project of the Jaguar company to test their most famous currently sedans Jaguar XJ and Jaguar XF in the most unpredictable conditions. And the company has chosen cold – since many of the models are the cabrio versions, their classy owner would not rather take their cars to such an extreme, but the company wants to shown that they produce cars, which can handle the desires of the owner, even if their desire is to take their car to the extreme cold and snowy ride.

silver sedan Jaguar XF

Image of the silver sedan Jaguar XF